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Say ummm, when will we be getting an updated demo guys?

What is the name of the music that plays whenever you start a new game?

I have heard of it before but it isn't enough to Shazam

nvm. It's called Music Elevator:

Great game it was mad creepy lol!

this game is so nice! *-* greetings from germany

Hello I featured your game in my 2 Scary Games video and honestly. This was actually quite a lot of fun. I may have laughed a bit more then I should have but oh well.

Also if you feel like it then you can watch the video here.

great graphics, really enjoyed the vibe..

Apart from some minor nitpicks I had when playing I was impressed about how only two developers could make something like this :)

One of the best monster deigns I have seen!

really nice level design, really good grasp of horror, this is a great start of something cool, nice designs and environment ideology too.

(start at 5:39) I thought it was going to be an old VHS kind of game!..

Late to the party but a game having gameplay is actually refreshing. Cool setup, sleek design and I'm looking forward to the full release!!

Gameplay if interested:

Hello Everybody. This game Is great experience. Very much loved it!. This is my experience 




This is a rarity... it managed to tell its story by having you play through it, with no "note reading" expedition dumps.  Just actually playing through the story. So rare and so well made. Perfect example of what indie horror games should be and I hope more devs take this as an example.


I kind of like note reading. It evokes a kind of Bioshock feel that makes the world cone alive. But playing through is also good.

At certain points I was frustrated by my inability to play like a boss, but overall it was a good experience. 

Hey! There wore some bugs when you go borderlands, like the gun would not be centered. But in fullscreen was fun! BTW the game always started on borderlands not fullscreen. Maybe a bug idk. GOOD GAME  THO, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK  MAN!





This has me hyped to see the full game! Simple but impactful, not much was shown but the story was there. Great job

I enjoyed it thoroughly except the music is extremely loud at points and i coulodnt get any further after the chase because you cant run and shoot

El juego esta bastante bueno, me gusto mucho las cinemáticas y la dificultad de la persecución.

Esperare la versión completa con ansias.

Not a bad game. The running part was a bit hard but finally got it kinda sad that the game ended after that. Can't wait to see full game. Good job!! 

Last Game I played. Could not get past the first part

I enjoyed this game it certainly gave me the adrenaline rush i needed. The only thing I would change is how fast you die to those black things lmao. If you watch the video you can see how frustrated I got.

This game nails the SCP vibes perfectly, I loved every second of it. It is nice to see a horror game with a "happy" ending for a change. I would have loved to have more info about the monster, you know, SCP style, but the mystery is also welcome and appreciated. Great job!

Very interesting game. The only problem I have with it is that you cannot shoot and run at the same time. but still good game. I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here is video of your game:

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The game was dope but my only problem was why won't the game let you shoot and run at the same time.


the game is good and i loved it but, some graphics settings for the next update would be great too. Especially for those who are playing on low-end pcs and are interested for this type of games

duude this game looks amazing btw my youtube channel is iain bullen

This game has so much potential. The devs seem to know exactly what they're doing, judging from the demo. Can't wait to see the final product! Here's my play through of it:

Okay, so I can't believe there isn't a full game yet. It reminded me of those levels in Crash Bandicoot where you have the big boulder chasing you while avoiding obstacles. Anyway, this was one of the first games I played coming back from vacation and it delivered! For one, I haven't jumped so high (literally, I got some air haha) and two, I haven't been this impressed over a free demo in a while. Here's my gameplay, skip to 4:52 for this game.

Loved it, always love a good horror game =) cannot wait to see the full version and leaving a follow! Keep up the amazing work!

Так и не смог убежать от монстряки, быстро надоело.


Can't wait for a full release of this game. The demo was already fun and interesting enough to play, leaves me wanting more!

Awesome game! This game has loads of potential. Keep it up!


Loved every little bit about this short game! The monster, the cargo team squad, the way everything looked just hit the right spot for me. Short but extremely fun experience. I can't wait to see more !


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